DSH Annastasia

2019 Chestnut Filly (Annapolis x Gold N Dove)
DSH Annastasia
SHN Payback

Athletic beyond compare.  This filly simply floats.  Huge loft effortless step.  She has four matching stockings, white mane and tail, and rabicano flecking throughout.  This girl is bred to be a champion under saddle. Her sire is National Champion Working Hunter, ANNAPOLIS.  Her dam is the ultra flaxen Gold N Dove by our own FC Casino Royale.  

Watch for her in the dressage ring when grown.





Annapolis Monogramm Negatraz
Kabala (Palas)
SS Annita Spark (Gdansk)
Brusally Oraba
Gold N Dove FC Casino Royale Roll ofthe Dice (Fire An Ice)
PKH Shalane
Heavenly Rosebud *Paarden+
CVA Ciara


Birth Year: 2019
Sire: Annapolis
Dam: Gold N Dove

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