Whimsical Wishes

2022 Buckskin filly (RFF Abracadabra x Whimsical Wishes)
Whimsical Wishes

WHIMSICAL WISHES, is an outstanding frame overo Thoroughbred mare, who is also homozygous for the white spotting W20 gene.  She is dual registered JC and APHA. 

This mare has had three lovely fillies for us.  Her first is a homozygous black Anglo Arabian filly sired by SIGNAL BEY++++//.

Her second filly is another Anglo Arabian, this one DNA tested as a frame overo.  She looks black, but tests as a seal brown.  She is also sired by SIGNAL BEY++++// and will be very tall.

Her third filly is an outstanding bucksking Thoroughbred, who may also be a frame overo (pending DNA test).  She also has one copy of W20 as her dam has two, so she should qualify for regular APHA registration papers.







Ellusive Quest Sonny's Solo Halo Halo
Patch Lassy Pesty Axe
Torchy's Rainbow


Shimmering Gold


Billionair Issue Of Gold
Queen Debonair
Lizzie Hatchet Man


Birth Year: 2005
Sire: RFF Abracadabra
Dam: Whimsical Wishes
Registered JC and APHA

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